Front-End Development

Course Description

This course is designed to fasten the pace of development of several elements of a website. Also, it shortens the real time required in the development process. For instance, the front end part needs to go hand in hand with the back-end development of an app and if the latter is all set to go then the front end space will also take a big bloom within few days.

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Industrial Training
6 Months
Regular Training
4 Months

*Pre-requisite Qualification(s) Should Be

  • Candidates having good analytical skills with B.Tech/BCA/ B.Sc.(IT)/MCA/M.Tech./M.Sc.(IT)/MBA(IT) Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS will be plus

Introduction to Advance Web and Javascript


  • Introduction To JavaScript
  • JavaScript - Storing Data
  • JS - Programming Basics
  • JS - Functional Programming
  • JS - Object-Oriented Programming
  • JSON
  • Introduction To ES6
  • ES6 Programming
  • Version Control

Basics of Front-end Design and Advance Responsive Design

Design Basics

  • Introduction
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Bootstrap
  • Basics Of Sass/Less



  • Basics Of jQuery
  • Playing With HTML
  • Events
  • Traversal jQuery Plugins
  • Ajax Introduction
  • Remote APIs

Angular 8

Angular and REST APIs

  • Introduction To Angular
  • Introduction To TypeScript
  • Installation
  • Basic Types
  • Functions
  • Angular Routing And Components
  • Templating And Forms
  • Services
  • This Keyword
  • Classes
  • Access Modifiers
  • Inheritance
  • Angular CLI

Introduction to Javascript libraries

JS Libraries

  • Introduction To JavaScript Libraries

ReactJS and Vue JS

React and Vue JS

  • React.js And Vue.js

Front-End Automated Unit Testing Tool

Automated Unit Testing Tool

  • Front-End Automated Unit Testing Tool

Server Side JS | NodeJS and REST APIs

Node.js And REST APIs

  • Introduction To Node.js
  • How Node.js works?
  • Basic REST API Using Express.js
  • And MongoDB
  • Introduction To Express.js
  • Configuration
  • Libraries
  • Documentation
  • Security
  • Routing
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • CRUD Application
  • Middleware

Introduction to Cloud

Intro to Cloud

  • Introduction To Cloud

Benefits To Students

On completing this course, the students will get various benefits like:

  • Learn Fundamental And Advanced Concepts Of Front-end Development
  • Monthly Evaluation Of Performance For Better Learning
  • Live Project Training
  • Get Industry Ready
  • Regular Sessions With Specialists, Techies And Experts
  • Focus On Aptitude And Logic Building Skills
Exit Profile Of The Student

Exit Profile Of The Student

  • Students will have a strong command over front end development and project development using Angular, ReactJS, NodeJS like technologies
  • They will be more confident and industry-ready

Other Courses Offered

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