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Course Description

Learn Selenium Today! This open-source tool is being embraced by the Dev/QA communities and the majority of new web test automation efforts are in Selenium. Many innovative software companies are migrating from commercial tools to Selenium. Now is the time to learn Selenium!

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Industrial Training
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Regular Training
6 Weeks

*Pre-requisite Qualification(s) Should Be

  • Candidates Having Prior Knowledge of Manual Testing with B. Tech/BCA/B. Sc.(IT) /MCA/M. Tech./M. Sc.(IT)/MBA(IT)

Introduction To Automation Testing

  • What is Automation Testing
  • Need for Automation
  • Various Automation Tools
  • Types of Automation Frameworks
  • Types of Automation
  • Benefits of Automation
  • Automation Frameworks

Introduction to Selenium

  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Selenium Components
  • Supported Browsers
  • Supported Languages by Selenium
  • Why we call it Selenium?
  • Selenium Requirements
  • Supported Platforms
  • Advantages of Selenium

Selenium Commands and Locators

  • Selenium Commands
  • Selenium Locators

Selenium Set Up

  • Introduction to Eclipse
  • Project SetUp
  • Configure Build Path
  • Adding a Project
  • Adding Folders

Selenium WebDriver

  • Introduction to Selenium 3.0
  • Why WebDriver for Selenium?
  • New Features in Selenium 3.0
  • Architecture of WebDriver
  • Configuring Eclipse for WebDriver
  • Introduction to Webdriver
  • WebDriver v/s RC
  • Limitations of WebDriver
  • Installation of WebDriver

Selenium Waits

  • Introduction to Synchronization Concept
  • Implicit and Explicit waits
  • Purpose of Selenium Grid

Working With Selenium WebDriver

  • Sample Program on Web Driver
  • Implementation of WebDriver
  • Page Interaction Model

Introduction To TestNG

  • Annotations in TestNG
  • TestNG with Eclipse
  • Grouping and Prioritization
  • TestNG Installation
  • Methods for Assertions
  • Parallel Execution / Sequential Execution
  • Data provider in testNG

Advanced Selenium Webdriver

  • Accessing Forms
  • Handling Windows and Frames
  • Handling Pop ups & Alerts

Introduction to Page Object Model Design pattern

  • Introduction to POM
  • WebDriver and TestNG Integration with POM
  • Advantages of POM
  • Creation of Page Repository

Selenium Grid

  • Introduction to Selenium Grid
  • Different Versions of Selenium Grid
  • Purpose of Selenium Grid
  • Parallel Execution on Different Machines

Introduction to MAVEN

  • Introduction to Maven
  • Maven Installation
  • Purpose of Maven
  • Application Configuration with Maven

Benefits To Students

On completing this course, the students will get various benefits like:

  • Real time Projects Training
  • Expertise on Core Java and building Automation Scripts and Framework being embraced by QA community
  • Students will boost their work productivity by getting in-depth knowledge of tools
  • Regular sessions with Specialists, Techies and Experts
  • Focus on aptitude and logic building skills
Exit Profile Of The Student

Exit Profile Of The Student

  • Students become proficient in QA, who are industry ready

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